Outcomes and outputs

The main objective of the TIES Project is the improvement of international relations management of the partner universities in the MEDA region.

This main goal is expected to be reached through: the transfer of experiences, the organisation of trainings for the qualification of human resources in the area of internationalisation, the design of documents and action plans to help to develop a culture of international relations, and finally the set up of a network for the internationalisation of the MEDA Region.

As a result of the objectives above, the project aims at producing numerous technical and managerial benefits for its partner institutions.

The main tangible results of TIES are: 7 sets of workshop training, plus its materials, qualification of over 150 managers for international relations, project and network websites, creation or improvement of websites dedicated only to international relation activities in every partner institution (12), a publication for the IRO Management in the MEDA Context, institutional internationalisation plans in each partner university, and a regional internationalisation network for the MEDA region.

What is more, it is expected that the project will make an important contribution in developing an internationalization culture for the higher education systems in the Mediterranean region. In that sense, other results are: increased knowledge in the field of international relations management; enhancement of their management and performance quality; improvement in the understanding of their role with regard to knowledge, to students, to the environment; enhancement of their community leadership; consolidation of their ties with other universities; new directional strategic thinking; self- evaluation techniques; new contacts and the participating on new projects; and prestige.