TIES - 5th Workshop: "IRO Services Development, and Networking and Opportunities"

Sunday, February 26, 2012 to Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Atlas Medina Hotel, Marrakesh, Morocco

Description of the activity:


The first topic was based on how institutions can set their service offering in line with their strategic plan and international objectives. IRO Services Development has to be concrete with what the institution wishes to achieve, e.g. more mobility, more external contacts, fundraising. Some examples were given plus a “minimal service set” identified in the group for a sustainable and successful international office. This “minimal service set” shown which the group of participants consider to be the bare minimum of essential services that an IRO should have to be truly useful for the visiting and outgoing members of an institution.

The main objectives were to:

- Examine the relationship between the IRO model and the services it offers;
- Examine some examples of IRO services;
- Look at some examples of how services are set up and how many resources are needed to sustain them;
- Draw up an ideal “minimal service set” which partners may strive towards and take back home as inspiration.

The topic “Networking and Opportunities” concentrated on the science of contact building, contact management, and opportunities for joint projects, research or other international actions. There are many opportunities for institutions who know how to take advantage of them, and this workshop looked at the possibilities, and also sparked discussion on how each of the participants seeks out their respective collaborations and partners.

The main objectives were to:

- Examine potential networking and collaboration opportunities (conferences, partner search facilities, research papers, etc);
- Look at the “friends of friends” approach used commonly in MEDA – pros and cons;
- Setting fair standards – mutually beneficially cooperation;
- Discover the different approaches used by the partners to network.