TIES - 6th Workshop: " Fundraising and Project Management"

Thursday, April 19, 2012 to Friday, April 20, 2012
Coral Suites Al Hamra

Description of the activity:

The sixth workshop will concentrate on providing concrete ideas for capturing funds to realise collaborative projects and ideas. The workshop will examine some traditional methods of capturing funds (Donors, sponsorships, fees) but also some less common methods such as the creation of self-financing units (IR Offices, Tech Trans-fer, etc). However, the main bulk of the workshop will be devoted to the capture of funds through competitive presentation processes, such as grants and projects. There will be a large training element on the funding schemes available (European Commission, World Bank, regional and national funds), and some how to present proposals for funding with some theory on Logical Framework and other Project Management theory.

Main objectives of the workshop:

Provide an overview of some traditional and novel methods of fundraising;
Understand that national public funding is declining and universities tend to create “business models”;
Look at how the participants currently undertake fundraising (some cases studies);
Examine Project Cycle Management and fundraising schemes available.