The main target group of this meeting will be the future network members

The sixth workshop will concentrate on providing concrete ideas for capturing funds to realise collaborative projects.

The workshop has two main topics, and will be focused on how PCI set their international services, and build their international contacts.

The Coordination meeting of the TIES Project is intended to examine in detail how PCI have undertaken the process of internationalisation.

In this workshop, trainers and trainees will examine the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for International Relation Offices (IROs).

The third workshop International Relations Offices Models is intended to provide examples of different models of IROs as starting points for discussion.

This workshop is intended to examine in detail how HE institutions undertake the process of Strategic Planning and how this can also be applied to international relations.

This workshop is intended to give participants a glimpse of recognised globalisation and internationalisation theory, and also look at the all-important question “Why internationalise?”

Dr. Mohamed Adel Alimi, from the University of Sfax in Tunisia, has received the 2010 Presidential Award for Scientific Research and New Information Technologies.

TIES partner Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) has recently organised and hosted the second Higher Education International Conference (HEIC), on May 4 th and 5 th 2010, in Beirut, Lebanon.